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This product possess power by itself, small volume, high precision of cumulative time,is especially suitable for high science technology domains and high-precision medical equipment sides.

  • DIN48×24mmStandard front-panel dimension
  • Power by itself inner, not connecting outer
  • High precision of cumulative time
  • 6 sets of LCD, display big and clear-cut
  • Front-panel reset with lock, to prevent operating mistaken
  • The longest cumulative time is 9999day
  • This product has not mechanical wear and tear, has long life
  • Range of cumulative time:99999.9Hour 9999.99Hour 99Hour59Pm59Seconds
  • 9999Days23Hour999999Days23Hour

Technical parameter

  • Power: inner power
  • Battery life:≥6year 
  • Height of display-word:6.7mm
  • time error: ≤0.02%
  • The Max resistance of connecting with contactor:≤10kΩ
  • The Min resistance of breaking with contactor:≥500kΩ

Outline dimensions

Outline dimensions

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